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Looking for Cat Lover Gifts? Try a Cat Backpack!

People often see a cat and think it’s a serious or distant pet, but there’s a reason why they have been the favorite animals on the Internet for so long! A cat is a very smart pet, but also a very funny and curious animal.
Having a cat is having a pet with his own personality, also an unlimited pet blooper machine, so they have earned a place in our hearts. We love cats so much that we go crazy for a cat purse, cat backpack and even a gorgeous handbag with cat decoration.

So if you need an original present for a cat lover, you can check our store for different cat backpack models, we even have a cat carrier for you or your friend to travel with their lovely pet around the city!

The Trend Cat Backpack And Purse Trend

Finding a cat picture or a cat video randomly on your social network feed is incredibly easy, the main reason is that the world is in love with cats!
The cat trend started around 2007, before that we could find a cat backpack or purse at some stores, but the world wasn’t as crazy for cats as it is today.
In our days we can find hundreds of stores with cat backpack designs. People buy them to walk around the city with their belongings, to go to school, the university and even travel from one country to another.
Depending on the materials, you can find the perfect cat backpack for special occasions, to go hiking or just out for a walk. You can also find a cat handbag for different events, like a regular friend’s gathering or a casual social event.
Some high fashion designers have adopted the cat trend for their high couture products, coming up with a purse and a handbag shaped with a cat form and made with diamonds! Not made for a simple travel, but fashion enough for social gatherings.

There is a cat backpack for anyone, independently of the occasion.

Who Would Be Interested In a Cat Purse?

Even though not everybody has a cat for a pet, we can find cat lovers anywhere in the world.
Many people love cats, but they can’t really own one because they are allergic or don’t have enough time or space to pamper them, but they compensate this by buying cat accessories, especially those that can be taken out of home.
So if you know someone who is in love with cats or that has shown the tiniest interest in them, a safe choice for you would be to buy them a cat backpack or a purse of their favorite pet.

This gift is also a safe choice for you because going on a travel with a cat backpack is something men and women can do at any age, whether they are 10 or 40 years old, if they love cats, they will be more than happy to have a cat backpack, handbag or purse to travel with.

But if you want to make an extra special gift, and if the person you are thinking about has a cat for a pet, you can find a carrier for them to take outside and travel without the risk of losing them or making the cat feel stressed.
A cat carrier usually is a backpack for cats that resembles a regular backpack, you put the cat in the backpack and he can travel with you anywhere safe, mostly because despite being confined in the backpack, they usually include a mesh or a plastic window with tiny holes that allow them to breathe and be comfortable while you walk.
Just remember, if you buy a cat carrier with a mesh, try to cut their nails a little bit so they won’t tangle in the mesh by accident when they touch it.

Types of Cat Backpack And Handbag

The most popular cat backpacks are the cat tote handbags, mostly because they are incredibly light-weighted, resistant and made of all kinds of fabrics to travel light.
The simplicity a cat tote bag offer relies on the possibility of printing or painting any cat drawing or image you want; people usually choose cat drawings with funny messages or the classic space cat from the internet.
Now, if you are more interested in a cat purse, the materials are a bit more restricted, since they are mostly made of leather. The most special ones are the ones that actually resemble the shape of a cat’s body or head.
A leather cat purse or handbag is a recommended gift for people who would like a more stylish look. Particularly women in their 20’s - 30’s.

You can also find an incredibly realistic cat purse design for pet lovers! They look like a cat plushy (yes, hair, cute eyes, and tail included). They are really soft and will drag the attention of everyone around.

As you see, there are many types of cat backpack and purse you can choose from. The best way to decide which one you would like to take as a gift for someone else is trying to notice their personal style.
For example, a cat enthusiast maybe would appreciate a cat purse that slightly resembled a cat, or perhaps a cute cat tote bag with a cool message.

While a true cat lover, who is madly in love with his or her cat pet, probably will go crazier with a cat backpack that actually has a cat shape.

As for the colors, you can find a realistic cat backpack or purse in all the common cat colors (black, white, stained, gray, yellow, and brown). But if you prefer a less sparkly cat purse, you can find them in black, white, blue, beige, pink and purple.

If you want to find that cat purse, backpack, handbag or carrier, you can check our store! We have dozens of models designed for your inner cat lover, or that friend of yours who is simply mad about kitties.

Large Funny Cute Cat Purse

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Cute 3 Friends Cat Purse

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Cool 3D Cat Purse

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