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Need An Original Present? Try Cat Hoodies and Cat-T-Shirts!

Originality can never be overrated, what makes a present memorable is not only who gives it, but also how different it is. Cat hoodies, cat-t-shirts and sweatshirts are trendy at the moment, and even if you are not a cat lover, there are dozens of cat hoodies and cat-t-shirts that you will find cute and funny.

The Internet is the number one source of cute kitty videos, so why don’t we go with the flow and choose a kitty sweatshirt as part of our clothing style?

Would you like to know why kittys are so popular these days? Then keep reading because we will explain everything to you in the following lines and you also get to see our catalog to get amazing cat hoodies, cat-t-shirts and sweatshirts.

Why Are Kittens So Popular On The Internet?

This is quite an interesting question, cats are not as funny or wild as dogs, so people don’t really share easier kitten content than dog content online.

However, there is always a kitten video running through all of our social networks; is it because we follow secret cat lovers? Or maybe because there’s a bigger reason behind that? You won’t believe it!

Thought Catalog, a website with millennial content that’s visited by 25 million people every month, has named cats as the unofficial mascots of the internet.

There are scientific studies that prove how happy pets make us, but mostly dogs because they are big and silly, while kittys tend to be more vigilant and distant. But this is one of the reasons why there are so many cat memes all over the internet.

It is funny to see a creature so “frivolous” in funny situations, like trying to jump from one chair to another and fail dramatically, or the famous Grumpy Cat that told “NO!” to pretty much everything.

We could say the kitty madness started in 2007 with the blog I Can Has Cheezburger? It was originally thought to be a funny blog to share videos and pictures of funny animals, many cat lovers had posted pictures of their cats and others took them to write on top of them funny phrases.

The blog now has more than 100 million visitors, and cats became popular enough that cat haters started their holiday: A Day Without Cats Online. It started in 2009 by Urlesque, another humor site, and even though they don’t really hate cats, they were certainly fed up with kitten content on the internet.

Fortunately for us, that holiday is not a big deal anymore and we have cute kitten videos all over the internet (and on t-shirts and sweatshirts) 365 days a year!

Actually, there are so many kittens on the internet that only by 2015 there were more than 2 million kitty videos on YouTube and 6.5 million cat pictures on Google, being, of course, our beloved Nyan Cat the most popular one.

In fact, Nyan Cat is one of the most sold characters for cat hoodies, cat-t-shirts, t-shirts and sweatshirts worldwide. You can find Nyan Cat hoodies, shirts, pins, bags, mugs, jewelry, even tattoos!

The Psychology Behind This Trend

We buy cat hoodies and kitten shirts not only because they are cute, but because we find these cat-t-shirts and hoodies funny and original, even people who are dog fans.

Jason Eppink, a curator of the Museum of the Moving Image in New York City, said a few years ago that kittys are cute, but that’s in fact not the only reason people on the internet love them.

Many scientific studies have proved that after watching videos or images of cats people feel more relaxed, happy and even energetic.

But why? Well, psychologists think it has a lot to do with the personality kittys have and how, socially speaking, they are thought to be less friendly than dogs.

Cat videos are on the top of the internet joys because we think they are serious and “superior” beings (compared with dogs, at least), so whenever we see a cat being terribly cute or failing miserably on a task by accident, we can’t avoid to laugh and feel warm inside.

The Most Popular Cats On The Internet

If you pass quickly by our catalog, you can see we have some cat hoodies and cat-t-shirts starring the most popular characters online, and some other cute felines that are not worldwide popular, but still get to our hearts easily.

One of the most popular felines on the internet, as we mentioned before, is Nyan Cat. It was originally a video uploaded on YouTube in 2011 and showed us a cartoon cat with the body of a pop tart flying through space!

Nyan Cat is actually very cute leaves a rainbow trail when he moves, so of course it has to be one of the most popular kittys online.

Following this one, we have the Grumpy Cat, it’s just his face! He’s not really grumpy, but humans tent to humanize animals and objects, that’s the way our brain tries to build relationships with others, so we find hilarious that he looks angry all the time even on a hoodie or t-shirt.

Another example of this interesting human ability is the Oh Long Johnson cat! A kitty that meows and we think it sounds like he was saying “Oh Long Johnson!”. Kittens can’t speak, but our brain tries to unveil the mysterious sound and the result was a video that now has more than 10 million views of fans.

But our personal favorite is Maru The Cat, a Scottish Fold in Japan that has gathered more than 200 million views on all his videos because, well… he’s a bit lazy and crazy at the same time.

He is also kind of chubby, so whenever he tries to jump into boxes he gets stuck and it is incredibly funny.


Did you know all of the famous kittens of the Internet we just talked about? Which one is your favorite? If you happen to be a huge fan of cats, or have a friend who is crazy about them, you should totally check our cat hoodies and cat shirts, t-shirts and sweatshirts catalog.

The size and the color you are looking for are right there! So stop scrolling and go make your closet more original with our cat hoodies and cat t-shirts! Some examples are our "I am a cat"-hoodie, our hoodie with kangaroo cuddle pouch, several t-shirts like "Sorry I can't - I have plans with my cat" as well as many kitten sweatshirts and accessories,

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