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Should You Get Cat Hoodies and Cat Shirts For Your Feline Friend?

We see dog owners making them wear funny clothes and hoodies all the time, particularly in winter and autumn because the weather is too cold for them to walk in the street without protection; but should we get cat hoodies for our feline friend?

Cats are very different from dogs, and some may not particularly enjoy wearing cat shirts and hoodies, especially because they lick their bodies constantly.

So, is this a trend? Would we be pestering our cats if we get them clothes? Today we unveil the mystery and give you some advice on this topic, so keep reading!

Does Our Cat Need A Sweater or hoodie?

Felines have a thick layer of fur, like many things in nature, they are most perfect and useful, their fur is designed to protect them from cold environments and water, but sometimes it is not enough.

Cats have been domesticated for hundreds of years now, so their hair is not as thick as it used to be. This, however, does not mean they must wear cat hoodies, it’s an accessory that comes in handy in certain environments, and it also makes your furry friend look incredibly cute.

If you live in a very cold place, chances are your cat needs a little extra help keeping himself warm, and nice cat shirts or hoodie could fix this problem right away.

However, if you live in a hot place, you could still get cat shirts or hoodies for your pet but we strongly recommend to buy shirts made of thin fabric, so his temperature won’t get too high.

Basically, in a cold weather scenario, cat hoodies seem very reasonable for more than a fashion statement and an Instagram picture, and if you live in a place with constant hot weather, is not exactly a necessity but they will still look gorgeous!

What Happens When You Use Cat Hoodies?

Animals in general are not biologically designed to wear clothes, that’s why they have their fur for, but if they look cute and we can help them stay warm, it’s worth it.

Despite this, that doesn’t mean cats understand what’s going on and they may try to take it off, some may even walk strangely until they get used to it.

You won’t be hurting them in any way, but they could feel uncomfortable at the beginning. You must pay attention to how they behave with cat hoodies, and then see if it’s the right choice for them.

For example, cats could struggle a little when you try to put them the shirt for the first time, but it honestly isn’t that hard, especially when it’s a hoodie that’s lose enough for them to walk without problems.

But once you put them the shirt, they will start smelling it, licking and scratching themselves because it’s something new attached to their bodies.

There’s a period of adaption where they do this for a while, but if you notice they don’t stop doing it, or that is really hard for them to walk or jump properly, or if their claws get stuck on the fabric too often, then you have two choices:

                1) You get them a different sweater, preferably a lighter one

                2) You remove them entirely

Fortunately, cats are smart animals and they adapt easily, so there’s a very small chance they reject the sweater completely.

Cares For Cats That Wear Cat Hoodies

Before buying that gorgeous shirt or hoodie for your cat, first you should check for some signs and know him very well, just to avoid some issues and possible small accidents.

First of all, if your feline friend has some skin condition, it would be better if you didn’t purchase him cat hoodies, because they will lick and scratch the hoodie thinking it’s their itching fur/skin and they will eventually destroy it.

After the skin condition (including injuries, fleas, excessive grooming, etc.) has improved, it’s now safe to get cat shirts.

If your cat seems nervous all the time, it may be a signed that there’s something in the environment that makes him feel uneasy. And just like dogs and humans, a warm blanket or a sweater could make them feel less stressed.

Calming coats are a great idea for pets that need a little extra help to calm down in certain situations, like when Christmas fireworks start.

If you live in a house full of things where your cat could easily get attached with his new hoodie, you should remove those things immediately because whenever they get used to the hoodie, they will start running and jumping everywhere like the used to.

And if the hoodie gets stuck with one of these things, chances are the cat will get stuck too, he will get hurt or could take down the entire library trying to get unstuck.


To summarize everything we just mentioned, cat hoodies are a beautiful trend that would make our pets look incredibly cute, but it can also help them to stay warm during long winter nights.

It is very important that you remove dangerous items at home where cat hoodies get caught easily by accident, it could lead to serious injuries or cost you a lot of money.

It is not necessary to dress up your cat during the summer, but if you still want them to be handsome for pictures, you can get cat shirts or hoodies made of soft and thin fabric that won’t make them feel hot.

We know you would love to get knitted sweaters for you baby cat during winter, but they won’t really need it, a nice hoodie with regular fabric will be enough for them to feel cozy at home.

And remember! Cat shirts and hoodies are just like human shirts, they need to be washed often, so don’t forget to put in the laundry basket the hoodies you get for your feline and give them a fresh and clean shirt.

But what about the designs for cat shirts? You can choose dozens of options from our store! We have a wide catalog waiting just for you and your pet.


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