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BlissFactory Wellness

BlissFactory Wellness. 4K likes. Short: Blissfactory Wellness is about the good life! In our Shop you will find basicallly all about wellness, yoga, fitness, beauty, pets, jewelry, food supplements...

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Why Blissfactory Wellness?

Blissfactory Wellness was conceived in love for a good and blissful life! A life which sets itself apart from the hectic and stressful life most of us are leading. We want to slow down life, eat slow, live slower and more conscious. Enjoy the good things in life like yoga, tai chi, qi gong, meditation, a nice massage, sports, nature and travelling. Also we don’t forget how much Bliss & Love other people, friends and loved ones and our pets can bring to our lives! To make it simple Blissfactory Wellness is BLISS! And we are out to bring this kind of BLISS to our customers!

What we do

We offer the whole range of yoga, fitness, wellness, beauty, cat and dog & animal  lovers as well as pet products for the best price possible. Furthermore we deliver funny and informative content on our facebook page, Instagram, youtube and soon also through our Blog on this website.

The future is great and vast! We plan to offer online courses in meditation, qi gong, law of attraction (LOA) and anti-stress training. Additionally we want to become a resource guide for Retreats, Spas and luxury Wellness Resorts in the SE Asian region.

Mission Statement

Designing, finding and getting the best yoga, wellness, fitness, cat and dog & animal  lovers as well as pet products with the best value and for the best price to our customers!

Raising consciousness about certain topics like staying healthy, living & eating well, living with pets, exercising & meditating, alternative health treatment, retreats & wellness resorts, travelling and reconnecting with nature.


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. We'll get back to you shortly! 

We appreciate your feedback a lot and listen to your voice, if you have any constructive feedback for us or for products you'd like to be seen offered in our shop. We are striving for constant improvement!

Also, make sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram pages and SUBSCRIBE for our newsletter down below at the end of this page for the latest updates on Promotions, Clearance Sales, contests and FREE monthly Giveaways!


Dirk Roman

CEO and Founder of

Blissfactory Wellness


Greenfield Tower,

Concordia Plaza

1 Science Museum Road

Tsim Sha Tsui East

Kowloon, Hong Kong







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